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Toilet Repair

Toilet Repair

Considering Toilet Installation in South Florida? As time passes, technology advances and if you haven’t replaced your toilet within the last few years, you may be paying more on your water bill than you should. In fact, purchasing a new toilet may actually pay for itself and then some.

If you are intimidated about installing your own toilet, toilet installation isn’t expensive and it makes sense to hire a professional such as those at Magical Plumbing.

So go ahead and make the decision to upgrade to a water-saving new toilet. One with technology is comfortable, eco-friendly, and efficient.

In shopping for a new toilet in Coral Springs, Parkland, and really, all of Broward County and Palm Beach County, here are some thoughts to consider:

  • Flush Power – Toilets are commonly rated on their ability to not clog as well as completely remove all waste when flushed. Choose one with lots of flush power.
  • Style, Height, and Bowl Shape – People come in all sizes so why shouldn’t toilets. Plus, nowadays you are able to choose one that matches your bathroom style as well as various sizes that are available. Choose the right toilet for you and your family.
  • Toilet styles can generally be separated into categories of Two-Piece, One Piece, Wall Mounted. The “Two Piece” is the most common and economical. It is easier to find parts if you need to replace one. The “One Piece” is just like you would think, one unit. It is normally more expensive, saves some space, and is easier to clean. Also, if you like the style or are in need of a sleek design, this may be your best bet. Finally, the “Wall Mounted” is just that, a wall-mounted unit without a toilet base. Your cost may be considerably higher and it may cost a little bit more to have it installed. They are perfect for those confined to a wheelchair or perhaps the elderly who require the use of a walker. Cleaning is much easier as well in regards to cleaning under it.

Finally, one of the most important factors to consider is that of Water Saving Toilets. Many South Florida residents and businesses purchase toilets that could save you almost $100 a year per toilet on your water bill. If you have a toilet installed prior to 1994, you are way overdue for a new toilet. Before purchasing your toilet, see which ones qualify for rebates from your local water district. Once you have your toilet installed, hopefully by Magical Plumbing, you can bank more buck with that rebate.

Magical Plumbing is licensed and insured (CFC1428907), locally owned, and operated in business for many years. Go ahead and call them in Broward County at (954) 688-9214 or Palm Beach (561) 907-7739. They are headquartered in Parkland, Florida. 

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